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Social Justice Scholarship

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The Office of IDEaS based out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital has partnered with the Hard Candy & Fruit Snacks podcast to launch the Social Justice Scholarship. We are raising money to help disadvantaged high school seniors from the inner city of Boston to pay for college. 

The Office of IDEaS was formed last year as an initiative of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine, to fight for inclusive, accessible, high-quality healthcare for everyone. The Hard Candy and Fruit Snacks podcast was also created last year when hosts, Gloria Harrison and Carrie Clifford, reconnected to have discussions about race and reflect on the racial inequalities in their upbringings. They grew up attending the Wayland Public Schools where Gloria was part of the METCO, a Boston-area busing program that brings inner-city students of color to affluent suburbs. 

Events over the past year have brought issues of social justice to the top of our minds. Passionate protests across the country have given us hope that achieving social justice in Black and brown communities is within reach. True social justice creates equal access to safety, healthcare, food, and education for everyone. With that in mind, we set out to promote this principle in one important way: Improve access for minority students who are underrepresented in higher education. Data shows that Black and Latino students are underrepresented at selective colleges.

The Social Justice Scholarship will be awarded to 2 Wayland METCO seniors and 2 high school seniors from Boston Public Schools at large. The more money we raise, the more high school seniors we can support. 100% of the proceeds will go to the recipients to help cover the cost of college. With your help, we can jump-start the college careers of these underrepresented seniors and set them up for success.

We are working with Wayland METCO, 826 Boston, and inner-city high schools to reach out to deserving high school seniors who will be invited to apply for the scholarships.

Will you join us by donating today? Visit our Campaign Page ( to contribute.  No amount is too small!

Offline gifts, such as checks, should be mailed to the address below. The Brigham Development office will add all offline gifts to GoFundMe. Checks should be made out to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and “Social Justice Scholarship” should be in the memo of the check. Please note that it may take up to two weeks for offline gifts to be added to GoFundMe.

BWH Development Office 
Attn: BWH Community Fundraising Program 
116 Huntington Avenue, Third Floor 
Boston, MA 02116