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Staying Centered Through Music

Da’Marcus Baymon, MD, a Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine resident at Mass General Brigham, reflects on the power of music to help him calm his anxieties and re-centered himself as he cared for critically-ill patients during the height of the COVID pandemic. View Dr. Baymon's column in the June 2021 issue of Brigham Clinical & Research News.

Black women in medicine—
rising above invisibility

This powerful piece in the Lancet was written by two of our colleagues, Dr. Onyi Eke (MGH) and Dr. Onyeka Otugo (BWH), with Jessica Isom (Codman Square).  It takes us from recent historical barriers faced by Black Women to current challenges of institutional racism and the important concept of intersectionality, and offers valuable practical insights to move beyond quotas into advancing leadership. View this article on The Lancet or download a PDF.

A True Pillar of the Community

Dr. Imoigele Aisiku, Vice-Chair for Diversity and Inclusion, has been selected for the 2020 BWPO Community Service Pillar Award. These awards recognize achievements in the five pillars of academic medicine: Mentorship, Education, Research, Community Service and Diversity & Inclusion. Dr. Aisiku mentors disadvantaged students and sponsors numerous initiatives to open the doors of medicine to a diverse community.  We’re delighted his peers and colleagues recognized how much he enriches our lives.

Everybody Needs a Great Mentor

Dr. Adaira Landry, Co-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, has been selected as Mass General Brigham’s 2020 Outstanding Mentor. As the Assistant Director of the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medical Residency, she makes it her mission to ensure that every resident feels welcomed and supported. This award reflects the deep esteem of her colleagues. Congratulations Dr. Landry!

Vaccinate the At-Risk First

Health Equity Committee Co-Chair Dr. Regan H. Marsh eloquently makes the case for why we should prioritize high risk communities (often people of color) for the coronavirus vaccine in a USA Today opinion piece. By focusing on essential workers, migrant laborers, Native Americans, and prisoners, we will save more lives. Read the article co-authored by Dr. Marsh.

History in the Making

Dr. Catalina Gonzalez-Marques was the first physician at Brigham to be vaccinated and appeared in a December 18, 2020 segment of the Today Show advocating for the COVID vaccine. Scroll to 1:40 to see a familiar face! We congratulate Catalina on her history making appearance!

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